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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(F) Qualys Browser Check will keep your browser plug-ins up to date

We all use web browsers these days and many of us know, but many don't know that browsers use and have plug-in software that is added to the browser to perform additional tasks and add features. NoScript for FireFox blocks scripting on websites, a must for every FireFox user, PDF plug-In for FoxIt, if you are like myself and do NOT use Adobe Reader, the plug-in adds PDF viewing and so forth.

These plug-ins need to be updated like any other software and it can be daunting to some, not obvious to others and hard for many more since things just should work.

Well Qualys has taken a step of automating this for you by providing a plug-in that will look at your plug-ins for various browsers (no iDevices yet) and keep the plug-ins updated. Below is a list of supported browsers and OS versions.

Qualys Browser check website

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