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Monday, November 12, 2012

(I) Sophos wins VB100 award for best Anti-Malware contest - Yeah right

I saw this article today on how Sophos Anti-Virus won the "Virus-Bulletin 100 title by detecting 100% of the viruses in Virus Bulletin's "in-the-wild" collection and not having any false alarms."
After I stopped laughing, since it was for Windows Server 2003.... Yes it is 2012, 8 years later; but that's not the funny part.
I was just up in Dallas describing how malware we had been collecting had a whopping 3% detection rate on VirusTotal and that the industry generally accepts Anti-Malware is roughly 60% effective.
Then I saw this from Symantec...

8,000,000 users CAN be and are wrong... Detecting 25% more of 60% or even better 25% more of our 3% which equates to.. Wait for it... 3.75% is still pathetic.
The reality is Anti-Malware does nothing for the real malware that is being targeted towards users and enterprises. The nefarious ne-er'do-wellers craft real malware to evade AV and even know what AV you are running as a part of their payload delivery.
We need a new way to detect malware and we happen to have the tool!
The Sniper Forensics Toolkit
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Article from Naked Security
Sorry Chet ;-)
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