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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

(W) OK Amazon, really.. Unknown Source App Store? WTF

Well talk about 'Failure' with a capital 'F'. Amazon thrilled many I am sure with the launch of a new Android App Store... BUT... In their in ultimate wisdom of how to enable it, poses a risk to ALL Android users who install the App due to their implementation and WONDERFULLY POOR instructions.

So let me get this straight.. You want us all to enable 'Unknown Sources' Market applications so that the Amazon App can be installed? Is Amazon aware of where Malware on Android phones come from? Uhhh UNTRUSTED / UNKNOWN SOURCES!!! Really Amazon, this is the best you can do ? Tell people to turn this on and NOT turn it off?

Here is the email they actually sent to users.

How about a step to RE-SECURE the device - seriously? Oh yeah, you can't...It has to stay this way.

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