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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WiFi Hacking legal in Holland

You have to love the Dutch! In the US you can no longer use open WiFi if it was not intended to be open.. The problem is, how does the average shmoo know that a WiFi network is open to the public or closed?

Like a business, you would be arrested if you broke into that business, but if it was open, the door unlocked, you are good to walk right in. Why is WiFi not treated like a business? If the door is open, or the WiFi open, you are 100% legal IMHO. Laws are screwy in this space and need to put the focus on the store owner to lock their door AND their WiFi, then if you hack or break-in, you are doing illegal activity. The Dutch Rock !

One of the things in our line of work that just irks me... Stoopid laws that have no idea the real application. Free WiFi and make it illegal NOT to secure your WiFi network, or it is considered open and FREE!!!

Darknet article

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