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Monday, May 13, 2013

(F) Truly secure banking from the Onion at Chase banks expense

If only we could do this kind of banking. But actually you CAN! Boot a PC with a Linux distro of your choice. Every time you finish banking, rebooting will wipe out the session and anything you might have contracted. Use a USB thumb drive with a read-only switch to allow customization. A CD is best being read-only.

If you prefer Windows, then use Virtual Box and create a small Win7 VM to run Quicken, download your data or just do online banking. Be sure to store your Quicken files on a network drive so when you revert your VM snapshot you don't lose your Quicken data.

And of course use the longest most complex password your bank allows and change it yearly if not quarterly!

This is about as secure as you can get without doing any online banking.

The Onion on Chase online banking - FUNNY

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