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Monday, April 4, 2011

(W) Epsilon breach leaks several big retailers customer emails

Epsilon, a leading marketing firm used by several large retailers and financial institutions was breached loosing tons of customer email addresses last week.

Amoung the retailers and financial institutions, JPMorgan Chase, Citi, US Bank, Kroger, BestBuy and US College Board have lost their client email addresses.

At this point it is just valid email addresses, which at worst will lead to targeted Phishing attacks that look like valid emails from these retails and financial institutions, so watch out and 'DON'T CLICK ON THAT' url in emails from these institutions, or others for that matter. Read my preso on the subject linked on the right bar under Articles and Presentations.

Open your browser directly and visit your retailer or financial institution directly, avoid quick URL links in emails!!!

You might consider using a junk or second email address for retailers separate from your personal email, or a email specific for Internet business to keep emails like this from mixing with your personal email.

I use a junk email for any retailer I buy something from on the Internet that I never open URL's unless I know I just got something from them and want to check ship status or print an invoice, the rest I just ignore 9 times out of 10. My financial institutions on the other hand I do send to my personal account, but after this... I might setup an other Internet email address account for these Internet business to protect against SPAM and accidental quick open and launch. I am pretty paranoid about any URl in an email and tend to not to click on that... You should too... ignore any link in an email.

Engadget article on the Epsilon breach

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