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Monday, December 12, 2011

(W) Card Skimmers found in Self-Service checkout line in grocery store

I have written about Credit and debit card skimmers telling people to go inside and get their cash and avoid using outdoor ATM devices.  Well thanks to My friend Martin pointing out that Lucky's Supermarkets in California just found some 20 Self-Service checkouts had card skimmers attached.. INSIDE the store!!! Where people SHOULD be watching!!!

Alas, the nefarious ne'er-do-welles have found that self-service checkouts at not so LUCKY'S are not as well monitored and managed to replace units in 20 stores.
I still say inside is safer than outside, but now I would add... Use a staffed register to gain cash... Or if you use a Self-Service checkout.. Wiggle and yank the unit card reader and get to know what your stores systems look like so you can detect anything out of the ordinary...

I am still looking to find my first skimmer dang burnet...

So as Martin so accurately pointed out n his Tweet to me... Buy Beer, not a pack of gum... At a staffed register.