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Friday, December 9, 2011

(I) How to validate shortened or any URL's are safe

If you see these shortened URL's from or O.wl and you want to know if they are safe, then use these 3 websites to do just that.  would also work for any length URL...FYI

Securi SiteCheck allows you to enter a URL, like the one in this article and it will crawl the website to look for any known Malware and provide you a nice report.

Google SafeBrowsing allows you to modify the end of the URL below and replace it with a URL you want to check and Google will lookup if the URL is or ever has been bad.

And F-Secure Safe Links for web sites allows you to add a plug-in to a website, it is what I use on to validate all the URL's that I use in my Blogging.

If you are browsing using FireFox or Chrome, add the plug-in/extension called 'Web of Trust' (WOT).  This little add on will show you a Re, Yellow, Green or Grey circle next to each link/URL showing you it is safe (green), warning (yellow), unsafe (red) and unknown (grey).  Treat all unknowns/grey as RED since mentions in Twitter often have new URL's that have yet to make it to the unsafe database.