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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

(I) Update to Blogging with an iPad and Social Dashboard

Thanks to a friends suggestion, I tried a Social Dashboard App called HootSuite to solve the post to many sites need.  This app or browser solution is similar to TweetDeck and Ping.FM.  The primary feature this app does for me when posting a Blog is a built-in link/URL shortener Button using and saving me from having to copy my long URL into the website to shorten it then copy that to my Ping.FM post.  Hoot also eliminates me having to use Ping.FM and Hoot is an actual iPad app where Ping.FM is an iPhone app and Ping.Fm app does not have a built-in URL shortener.  For browser users, Hoot lets you add your Ping.FM account.

The App also makes a nice dashboard for your Social sites, though limited in available sites, where Ping.FM shines, it does have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare for the iPad and adds Ping.FM the Japanese social site Mixi and MySpace and WordPress in your Browser.

All in all a nice edition to iPad Blogging and a nice Social Dashboard...

No Google+ yet.. ;-(