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Thursday, April 7, 2011

When is 64 updates considered a patch? Damn Microsoft...

If you were making a quilt that had 64 pieces of fabric, you would be half way to having a blanket.

Microsoft is issuing 64 updates for Patch Tuesday.. 64???? WTF.. That is not a patch, it is a serious upgrade of the product. If you have 64 fixes for a product, you have a piece of crap for a product, not to mention adding all the other so called patches M$ has released this year thus far.

If you have ever rebuilt your Windoz based PC, which I recommend yearly as standard Windoz practice by the way, then you have come to realize that if you installed Windoz XP or Win 7 from DVD with the latest service pack and then install all your apps, then Office, your security software of choice... Then finally start the Windows Update nightmare, you will come to realize that patching your system takes twice as long as installation of everything just mentioned." whew.. What a sentence.. Sort of like the Windows Update process.

This is not patching, it is a constant significant upgrade of your product. A patch is something you do occasionally... Sew onto a pair of jeans. Patching this much stuff means your product is just terribly designed and you should seriously consider re-designing the solution so that a user would not have to patch, or at least not so often.

Wake up M$.. Apple is passing you buy.. They too have patches, but not as painful as Windoz.

Oh bother... And the reboots.. Don't get me started...

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