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Friday, January 6, 2012

(W) Warning Will Robinson.. Damnit Ramnit steals Facebook passwords

This is yet another reason your Facebook password and any other social password should be unique.  The Ramnit worm when clicked on by a link in a Facebook post will install and steal your Facebook password, so far 45,000 of them.  

The password would then be use to try against your other accounts on the InterWebbings.. Say your $$$$ Bank...

Like I continue to say, you should have a different unique password for every website you use on the Internet and so you don't have to remember them, use a password manager like LastPass to remember them for you... It's free unless you want to access your password vault on your mobile device which will cost you $12 USD per year for a subscription.. Well worth when you realize someone you know has already had their password or an Internet account compromised.

And DON'T Click on links in Facebook unless you use WOT plugin for Chrome and FireFox!!!!  And for security sake... Remove administrator rights to your Windows user!!!!