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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

(W) Subway POS hacked and card numbers stolen

Subway and the Feds found a elaborate hacking scheme that stolen the credit and debit card numbers of customers between 2008 and possibly thru 2011.  80,000 card numbers were compromised at over 150 Subway shops. 

Why?  Because clearly Subway did not understand putting a Point of Sale (POS) on the InterWebbings is a bad thing... A REALLY bad and Stooopid thing.  They should have scanned the IP's of the stores to verify things were properly configured.  Like my Cardkey system split, anything Internet facing needs to be thoroughly scanned and checked for vulnerabilities.

A Romanian hacker Ring stole over $3 million USD in fraudulent charges on the stolen cards.

So check your statements if you frequent Subway...