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Monday, July 11, 2011

(W)(I) HP.. Are you INSANE? Touchpad Security

OK HP... This is clearly 'DOH' on steroids...

Let me get this straight... So you want Enterprises to use and adopt Touchpads? But you don't allow them to be setup on a corporate WiFi that uses certificates or Captive Portal solutions? Are you insane HP, I mean REALLY ????

So you make us take our new tablet to an insecure WiFi, or tether to our smartphones (irony) to activate it since we can't connect it to a Wireless network that uses certs or a portal... Hmmm what a GREAT way to start off the opinion.."Is the HP Touchpad secure?..."

I would say 'Nope,,,' not until it can be configured on a WiFi with certs and a captive portal so I can use it say, in a Hotel, as a guest in a corporate environment...


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