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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

(W) If you see this message while Googling.. Your screwed !!!

If you see this message while searching for something on The Google.. You're screwed and your computer needs to have Windows re-installed.

Google now looks for certain types of behavior from clients that indicate a system is infected with Malware, if you are,The Google will popup the above message and tell you. Only in your browser, so if you see an email with this message.. WARNING WILL ROBINSON.. It's malware via email trying to get you to click on that.. And we all hopefully know.. 'Dont Click on That!'

If you do see this message, then your system needs a rebuild! Plain and simple, don't pass go and try to 'clean' your computer, the fact you are infected and see this message means your system is not security worthy and other problems most likely exist.

So what do you do? Read my article "Top 10 Tips - If your Windows PC or an account has been hacked" and rebuild your system with these tips to avoid future issues.

Thanks Google!

Brian Krebs article on the Google warning

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