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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

(W) Warning BitTorrent users and Parents - Hurt Locker could cost you $1500

If you or your children use BitTorrent to download files and movies.. Beware!!!!

If you have children and don't know if your kids are using BitTorrent, you best find out and block the application.

Children and Teens use BitTorrent to download bootleg versions of movies, software, games and countless other Copyrighted materials and YOU need to find out if this is going on in your home. If so, stop or block it. Voltage is asking for subpoenas to ISP's for IP addresses of users that downloaded their movies from know Torrent sites...

The makers of the blockbuster Best Picture 'Hurt Locker' are suing thousands of BitTorrent users for illegally downloading the movie. Currently 24,000 people are involved in the lawsuit with roughly 5000 in the first wave for $1500 each!!!

For Geeks... Look for or block ports 6881 to 6889. For parents, search the kids and family computer and delete BitTorrent software and use a Security Suite or Norton Online Family or OpenDNS to control family access.

Not to mention, lock down your Home Wireless network so your teenage neighbors don't use your network to break the law.

Article on BitTorrent lawsuit

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