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Sunday, June 26, 2011

(I) Ever wonder if your email address is in any of the well known hacks of recent past?

With all these website hacks going on, ever wonder if your email is inside one of these stolen databases? If your email account is inside one of these databases there is one thing for sure that you must do... CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS everywhere you use it, and make it different for each website.

Behold... @dagrz created a website where you can lookup your email address to see if your email address is in one of the recently hacked databases. You can also see which databases were used in this lookup under 'Sources'.. I can see this type of service having a business model that you could subscribe and be alerted if your email or account information ends up in one of these hacked databases... Very kewl idea...

@dagrz website 'ShouldIChangeMyPassword'