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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

(I) Further proof the Malware Management Framework WORKS! The Tyupkin ATM Malware

Practicing Malware Management as a part of any 'good' Information Security program, you would have caught the Tyupkin malware if you managed ATM's!

The locations this malware used are known places to monitor in a Malware Management program. The following is right from the Securelist report:

1. Drops payload in \Windows\System32 (Auditing enabled, Event Code 4663)
2. Shortcut added to %AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (ProgramData) (Auditing enabled, EventID 4663)
3. Uses the Run Key to persist (Auditing enabled, EventID 4657)
4. For net flow folks, connections on Sunday and Monday night

You can use CMD scripts, PowerShell, Python or fancy InfoSec tools to look at these locations manually; but this malware is nothing new and far from sophisticated to detect. Enable some Windows Auditing on key locations and your Security Tools and Event Logs will capture the data and alert you!

Works for Linux too, just take a look at the Mayhem Malware Analysis from VirusTotal:

Mayhem – a hidden threat for *nix web servers

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Tyupkin: Manipulating ATM Machines with Malware - Securelist

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