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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Austin ISSA Malware Discovery training a HUGE success

Last Friday we held a Malware Discovery training "From Joe to Pro, how to discover malware in your environment" for the local Austin ISSA chapter.

For an all day event it went pretty quick from my perspective being the trainer, but the feedback was GREAT! We received so many great comments we will be holding another training event just before BSides Austin 2014! March 19th.

In addition we have been asked to hold the training in Dallas Jan 31st for our local NAISG, ISSA and infraGard folks and other invited guests.

What made the training really cool, was the lab infrastructure that were graciously sponsored by Rackspace! These bad boys made the training smooth and the exercises fast! How fast you ask? Well in our development of the labs we were using an Amazon AWS Windows 2008 R2 server and the Hash_Master scans took roughly 21 mins on the AWS Server. On the sponsored Rackspace servers it took.. Wait for it....... 5 mins! Yup, five whole mins to scan the entire disk. Since we had to do this 3 times, it was an impressive improvement.

Here is the screenshot of our configuration from the Virginia region.

So cloud providers are not created equal and Rackspace has my appreciation for their performance, ease of use and all around awesomeness!

So if you are in Dallas Jan 31st, sign up for the training and come see how to discover malware like a Pro!

For more information, visit our Training page at:

Malware Discovery Training page

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