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Monday, April 1, 2013

National “Take Your Computer to Work” Day


Today marks the inaugural “Take Your Computer to Work Day”. First conceived by security researchers Michael Gough and Ian Robertson (the Thoughtful Hackers), this day has exploded in popularity and has now become a world-wide national phenomenon.

Says Mr. Robertson of its introduction, “We always hear stories of how much productivity people gain by using their own mobile phones and tablets at work – by some studies, as much as 110%. We thought, wow, that is so smart and has absolutely no downsides. The next logical extension of that is to offer all our workers to bring in any of their computers, so we did.”

“The results were absolutely astonishing”, said Mr. Gough. “We were seeing user productivity up at least 0.5 times with Commodore 64’s alone. Our database searches got faster with home-built white-box servers, and our janitorial staff was able to clean the restrooms twice as fast thanks to their TRS-80’s.”
The duo said that they had to share their results with others. “We really can’t take full credit for this. We’re just building on the success of others.”
What’s next up for this duo? “We seem to have a lot of malware recently, so we’re working to figure out what that’s all about.”