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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

(I) 2012 in review - Cybercrime and Malware

Another year has passed us by and we saw more Cybercrime and the discovery of malware that went undetected for years... WTF?

What did 2012 teach us? (More importantly will we and management learn from it?). Will history of 2012 repeat itself? You betcha!

Cybercrime is here to stay, passwords suck and advanced malware can't be detected by any Anti-Malware, I mean any and all.. For YEARS!!!

We need a new way to detect malware once it strikes so that we may respond to the threat. Stop relying on Anti-Malware would be a start, it's just one of many security tools you have to reduce risk, stop thinking you can prevent malware, you can't! Convert your mentality and processes to look for malware regularly, with new tools, like the Sniper Forensics Toolkit.

I read a recent SC Magazine article on how malware has made it to POS systems. Duh! They're Windows based with a browser, what do you think would happen? Give employees a browser to the Internet and they will infect your systems in no time flat.

SC Magazine article on Malware on POS systems

So I set out to find a Windows based POS system with a browser... It didn't take me but my first restaurant to find one. Seriously, it was open to employees to surf the web on the system that takes our credit cards, and our orders, why oh why would you do this POS company. And yes, I played with it... Just needed a little Social Engineering.

Windows based POS has a new meaning... Piece Of Sh!t

I am sure the Sniper Forensics Toolkit would work GREAT for these types of turn-key Windows based POS systems since we should have a gold image (the vendor) that we can baseline to run a scan against and then compare it to systems in the field, easy.

Have a speciality type of system you want to know for certain is malware free? Let me know.

2012 showed us malware is a significant concern since it can go years undetected if a little thought and engineering goes behind it. Isn't that ANY and ALL Cybercrime and advanced malware that I talk about and Brian Krebs blogs about? Yes it is and it IS far more common than you ever thought!!!

Good Luck in 2013!!!

V3 article on the year of security

The Sniper Forensics Toolkit

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