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Friday, March 2, 2012

(I) Feds crack Colorado woman's password avoiding 5th Amendment fight

The Feds managed to finally crack the pass-phrase of a Colorado woman's laptop that contained potential evidence of her and her husband involvement in real estate fraud.

For now this puts to rest, delays really, the battle over whether a person can be forced to give up their password to encrypted data that can, may or will lead to self incrimination.

For now, your 5th Amendment rights are in tact and your encrypted info safe. Along with this weeks 11th District Appeals court ruling that a user does NOT have to provide their TruCrypt password seems to indicate we own our passwords and pass-phrases.

It should be pointed out that the use of poor passwords and pass-phrases WILL lead to discovery given enough time. I guess Ramona should have used a MUCH stronger and longer pass-phrase!


The Register article

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