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Monday, September 26, 2011

(I) Card Key system updated by the vendor - research to continue

We received updated hardware and software from the vendor we are working with from the original vulnerability/exploit and setup this Testing configuration in order to test and verify any improvements the vendor integrated into the new hardware and software.

It is a simple emulation of a Card Key reader that triggers a buzzer when the user is authorized to enter. The buzzer is clearly smaller than an actual door lock..

It works like a charm, the Cards were added, given permission and tested to open the door, aka sound the buzzer for 5 seconds to emulate the door unlock period.

Stay tuned as we continue our testing on the update or attend one of the two InfoSec conferences where we will be presenting.

HouSecCon 2011 - Houston Nov 3rd

Security BSides DFW 2011 - Dallas Nov 5th

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