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Friday, August 26, 2011

(W)(I) Care to know how many malware samples go to an AV vendor per day??

Anti-Virus vendor Sophos just released their "Mid-year 2011 Security Threat Report" and stated the following...

"Since the start of 2011, we've seen 150,000 malware samples ever day. That's a unique file almost every 1/2 second, and a 60% increase as compared to malware analyzed in 2010. We've also seen 19,000 new malicious URL's each day in the first half of this year. And, 80% of those URL's are legitimate websites that were hacked or compromised".

If this doesn't surprise and spook you into improving YOUR Internet surfing and use behavior, like I promote with 'Don,t Click on That', then you WILL be one the statistics above.

Safe Surfing... Errrrr Good Luck on the InterWebbings !!!!

Sophos Mid-year 2011 Report