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Friday, January 28, 2011

(W) Chevy volt to have an IP address and allow connectivity

OK... Remind me to tell you about GM wanting to put Infotainment in your car... I have personal experience with GM and OnStar about this effort. GM wants WiFi since more programming time is needed than the production line can provide, so they ca fully program a car after it is complete, say in the parking lot... Add some music upload ability, sync with your home music library... Nothing could be possibly wrong with this... Or could there?

GM announced that the new all electric Volt will have an IP address for your convenience... Uhhh yeah.. Nothing could possibly go wrong with this... Here are some stats...

1. For every 1000 lines of code it is estimated that there is 1 security bug or vulnerability
2. For every 100,000 lines of code it is estimated there are 1 remote executable vulnerabilities
3. There will be 10,000,000 lines of software code in roughly 100 ECU's in the new Volt
4. Basic math tells us there should be about 100 remotely executable vulnerabilities available in the Volt..

May the Fun and Mayhem ensue... By Ne'er-Do-Wellers doing nefarious fun things..

Thanks to the PaulDotCom crew for the above stats...

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