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Sunday, November 7, 2010

(C) Two first time InfoSec Conferences in Austin & Houston ROCKED!!!!

In the last week I attended two first time InfoSec conferences, LasCon focused at Web Application Security and HouSecCon which combined hacking and general InfoSec presentations.

For a first time conference LasCon rocked, not just for the kewl LA Police Gear bag, but it was organized well and most the presentations were very good. I especially liked "How I met your girlfriend" by Samy Kamkar of MySpace worm and Evercookie fame, but also a very kewl example of using Facebook chat times and a Geo location hack to actually get information enough to meet, say, your girlfriend knowing when you are not with her...

At HouSecCon, MJ Keith gave a presentation on Android phone hacking and how the business contact App Bump can be used to steal info and generally do nefarious activity.

Of course there were other talks and conversation with several seasoned InfoSec professionals I know or just met, but all in all, they were great one day events.

Put these two conferences on your list as MUST attend for next year!!!!

There is a new paradigm shift (Yes I used it) in InfoSec conferences with one or two day inexpensive conferences (under $100) that are ruling the InfoSec conference circuit. Why? Because as InfoSec professionals, we have an obligation to train and educate in order to improve information security, not just make profit, which there is plenty of. B-Sides is another conference that was this weekend in Dallas that I tried to virtually attend via MS Live, but alas.. The audio did not work... ;-(

I am part of the Austin B-Sides March 2011 conference planning because I believe in this new InfoSec 1-2 day cheap to free mentality to promote InfoSec for everyone, not just those with budget to attend BlackHat, SANS, RSA or CSI events..

Watch my Blog for more on Austin B-Sides 2011, it WILL be a killer event !!! And just before South by Southwest Interactive week!!!!